Samples of Plans



The contents of each house plan package are different, However all plans will include detailed,
High-quality working drawings. This includes the following:
These are photo-real 3D Visuals of the completed exterior views of the house. This shows you how the house will look once built – This can be downloaded from the website.
These drawings contains a bird’s eye view of each floor layout – showing all walls, rooms, doors, windows, dimensions, drainage, notes and details of material items. It also provides references to other sections and components located elsewhere on the plans
These Plans show the sides of the house normally when viewed from all 4 sides – North, South, East and West. The external treatment of walls, exterior materials and finishes is also shown. These drawings give notes and details to drainage components and vertical dimensions of the structure. Corbelling details and roofing notes are also elaborated. All other specific and unique details to the plan in question are indicated here.
A cross-section shows a sliced view of the entire structure taken at specific points. Large-scale views show sections or cuttings of the foundations, ground level, staircases, walls, floors and roof details. Additional cross-sections may show important details which may otherwise be hidden in the deepest layers of a structure. Sections show how different components interconnect to form a solid and monolithic outcome that becomes a dwelling house. In some cases a large scaled drawing may be necessary to illustrate the interconnectedness of even the smaller components of the building which then translates to the builder and other building consultants what the structure is made of.
Drawings are sent in a Zip file contaning CAD Drawing , PDF Files , 3D Views